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Here we share our ideas and passion for marketing and property, hoping that it sparks a ‘light-bulb’ moment for you!

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  • Director Samantha Cameron explains how Power Moves Agency offers specialist marketing services to the Building and construction Industry.

  • Save time and market your offering even when you are sleeping

  • The decision to build or renovate a home is very complex so the marketing you implement needs to be engaging, timely and relevant across a n

  • Marketing your services as home builder that incorporates a short, medium, and long term focus is the best practice for Builders who want t

  • When it comes to rising above the competition we have to look at the long game much like a Sumo

  • There are lots of reasons why marketing is critical, but doing something just because everyone else is, isn't one of them!

  • Many see social media as an essential marketing tool for their business, but it is not a viable marketing channel for every business.

  • Small businesses wanting to attract and keep long term clients need to put regular time, effort and focus into maintaining relationships.

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