Builder Marketing: How to bend time with marketing

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Even though modern science has come along way, technology still hasn’t delivered a time machine. If we had one, marketing would be so much simpler.  We could bounce back and forth in time, testing theories, retracing steps with tweaks till we are sure that every tactic we employ achieves the results we are chasing.

Nice dream, but lets get with reality….  There is no way to truly see into the future, the only option we have is similar to that of science – look to the past to predict trends of things to come. Based on these predictions, we then try different approaches and depending on the results, keep doing what is working until it just doesn’t work anymore.  

How does all of this apply to marketing Building and Construction services and products? 

We know that the decision to build or renovate a home is a complicated one, but firstly, by  choosing to focus attention on a couple of key segments of the market who have similar traits (rather than trying to appeal to everyone), it gets a lot easier to tailor the approach to those who really matter. This approach not only saves money, but most importantly it saves time.

Secondly, the more your ideal customers see different aspects of your business, the more likely they may see something that resonates with them and hopefully, this shifts you higher up their ‘preferred list’. The more tools you have out in the market place that highlight different aspects of your offering, the more likely your potential customers will be considering hiring you and you may not even know it.  Also, they have the opportunity to do this at a time that suits them (maybe while you are sleeping, going for a ride or having dinner with your family). This is when you are really bending time like a pro!

The third, and often forgotten way to ensure that every hour counts is to cut out all of the non-productive activities that may be chewing up your teams time, and replace them with actions that are more meaningful. Having clear metrics for measuring the effectiveness of tactics should be at the heart of your decisions.  By concretely accessing effectiveness, you are well positioned to decide whether to repeat, revise or replace.

These are just three ideas of ways that Builders and Construction Suppliers can get more out of their days, weeks, months and years.

If you want attract more appealing enquiries and create longer lasting relationships with current and past clients for increased return and referral work, get in touch today.

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