Home Builder Marketing: More Than Digital

The decision to build or renovate a home is very complex and involves a large number of small but important choices over many months or years.  Some of these decisions are conscious, involving check-boxing things that are influenced by opinions of friends and family, risk assessment, previous experiences and logical personal preferences that the customers can use to compare alternatives.  A whole range of other decisions are more sub-conscious and are often summed up as a person’s ‘gut feeling’. These factors are often a combination of a person’s core values and motivations which they use to navigate their daily life.  These are complicated because often these decisions cannot be easily put into words. They may take a split second to make but are really a culmination of who they are as a person.

An impulsive decision made in the spur of the moment is often made when a well-timed suggestion of an easy offer, leads to a need being fulfilled. Supermarkets tap into this by offering chocolates at the register when people are a bit hungry while on the go. 

Buying a house is never as simple as buying a chocolate bar, but spontaneously made decisions can and do play a part in the processing of purchasing from one builder over another.

Digital marketing although critically important, is only one dimension of marketing and communications that must be considered when promoting your building services to ensure that your offering is well positioned when this moment arises. Or even better; to create this moment in the first place.

Although digital marketing is commonly used as an awareness building tool to target customers during the research stage, a range of other marketing tactics can have meaningful influence on customers throughout the journey of purchasing building or construction services, from the early idea stage, right through to when the builders warranty expires. 

Marketing is a long-reaching and complicated beast that if handled well, can help to make you more appealing than your competitors, help to create a memorable buying and building experience, and continue to develop trust and loyalty over time.  By continuing to remind customers after handover that you were the best alternative, you are well positioned for them to recommend your services to friends or family. 

By weaving a broader focused marketing function into your business, you are developing opportunities for short, medium, and long term competitive advantage.  

If you are a home builder, or supplier to the construction industry and would like help from an expert to create a sustainable, measurable, and reliable marketing function for your business, get in touch today.

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