What Social Media can & can’t do..

When Facebook was launched in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t possibly have foreseen the impact that his and other social media channels would have. Currently, around 60% of Australia’s population actively use Facebook (more than half logging in daily), 44% use YouTube and 26% go to Instagram for their visual fix.

Many see social media as an essential marketing tool for their business, others do it because others are and then there are a lot who place it in the ‘too hard basket’. The question you really need to ask is whether social media is really a viable marketing option for your business?

As a marketing specialist of more than 20 years, I remember the marketing landscape before social media crept into our daily lives and oh how things have changed!  Now, people are addicted to their phones, new avenues are popping up daily and the most established channels make continuous changes to increase returns for their shareholders.  Combine all that with the consumer swing towards filtering out most of what is coming at them, it’s enough to make your head spin”  Samantha Cameron

To help you gain a more objective view, today’s blog unpacks social media as a potential marketing tool, to help you make a more informed decision about the benefits it may offer your business.

Who Are You Marketing To?

The most important first step in any marketing decision should be based on a clear idea of who your ideal target market is.  You might have one or more groups with common attributes, based on your current or past clients, or a new group you think has great potential. After you have firmed this up, you are better situated to work out how you can reach them.

Where Are You Most Likely To Reach Them?

Given that there are several million Aussie’s filtering through social media daily, you would think it’s a no-brainer that it is a viable marketing option, but a number of factors come into play and many of them are out of your control.  Whether a decision maker you want to target is consuming social media or not,  they may be indirectly influenced by social media content and dependent on budget, it may still be worth giving social media channels a small amount of focus.

Why Are You Communicating With Them?

You need to determine exactly what you want from your interaction with the individuals you are targeting through social media. Most purchasing decisions are not as spontaneous as whether to buy a chocolate bar at the supermarket check-out. Often making a final decision – particularly on a significant item – can take days, weeks or months to be made, so the goal of the interaction may simply be to build awareness of your company and then over time highlight the benefits you offer to further encourage loyalty. 

When Is The Best Time To Reach Them?

The frequency of engaging with a target market varies depending on the company’s objectives, budget and overall strategy.  Brief daily interactions might suit one business, whereas for another the sweet spot might be weekly or fortnightly.  If you communicate too infrequently, its likely that you will fade into the background and wont have any real impact on them at all.

What Is The Best Way To Market Your Business?

One of the most exciting stages in the process is when ideas form a plan of how you will connect with your audience. This is where an experienced and creative marketing specialist can help you devise a measurable strategy, to present your business to market in an appealing way, but also so that you stand out from your competitors.  

If you have tried handling the marketing for your business yourself and the results you are achieving are not quite what you hoped for, it’s ok. Many businesses reach that point and actually it can be a really pivotal moment for your business moving forward. Give us a call or fill in the form here to chat about how we can work together to better reach your potential market.

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